The Blockchain loan solution that will help your business grow

Raise is a worldwide credit marketplace that connects growing lending institutions with a community of private investors.

Solve your short-term net cash flow needs

Secure true market-based interest rates

Optimize money flows with the help of crypto

How it works

Design your loan

Specify the amount, duration and the maximum interest rate you are willing to accept for the loan.

Market your loan

Publish it in the Raise marketplace and let lenders fund your loan. Funds are securely stored in a smart contract that acts as an escrow account.

Withdraw the funds

The faster your loan gets funded, the less the interest. Once the loan is fully funded, you can withdraw the principal and then the interest starts accruing.

Grow and pay

Repayment to investors happens through the same smart contract, ensuring no middle men are involved

Do you still have questions?

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We prepared a FAQ to help you understand everything you need know to start borrowing with Raise



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